FlickStackr for Flickr App Reviews

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Lots of potential but horrible interface

This app could be so great, but the UI needs a lot of help. You can only add photos to the default stack for some strange reason. So you select a group of photos, press "add to stack", they go to the default stack. Then you have to go to that stack, select the photos again, select "move", and then select the stack you want them in...and hope they actually move. The only way I can get photos in the stack I want is to constantly change my default stack.

Best Flickr app ever

Does absolutely anything you want to do with your Flickr photos.

Instagram In-App Plugin Useless

Thought I would be able to post to onstage from FlickrStackr. Wrong! It just lets you browse your Instagram account from FlickrStackr. Worthless.

Hidden auto upload

An update added the "feature" of auto uploading your camera roll. I saw no notice that this was happening and finding a way to turn it off was difficult, hidden deep in the setting. Great feature for people who want it. Turning it on by default and making it hard to disable is a bizarre and awful choice

Cloud file services (in app purchase) DOES NOT WORK

Paid for the ability to download pics to Dropbox and the feature does not work. Why dont they just disable it if it does not work as advertised? I want my $ back. Will change review when that happens.

Manages my Flickr better than on the computer

I only update and comment using this app. Hate Flickr web interface.

Broken in ios8

Auto upload no longer works in iOS 8 since there is no camera roll anymore. Please update this soon! Also if in landscape mode it constantly freezes and doesnt allow you to scroll your pictures. I dont notice this in portrait mode. Please work on the app so I can update my review.

Amazing Application

It probably is great for Flickr, but I’m using it for Dropbox and it rocks! This so beats Dropbox’s own Carousel app. I have searched high and low for an easy one for managing my dropbox images from the iphone/ipad and this one is it. I can easily select multiple images to move/delete. I can also adjust the size of the images in the selection screen which as far as I can tell is unique to this app. Well done!

Best Flickr App to manage account.

Great app, I love all you see are ratings views etc. on one page. Excellent, if you like to manage your Flickr photo stream and albums on your iPhone. However, I wish be an option to include exif data with iPhone photos that one uploads to Flickr. This might be a limitation on Apples side of things, probably to protect their customers privacy, but I wish this app would offer a switch to turn exit data back on - if that would even be possible?

Very good app

One of the better apps for viewing your social media pictures, not just Flickr. I hope the developers are able to work with Facebook on their new API.

better than yahoos own flickr app

best flickr ipad app. yahoo could learn a few things from this app.


This app is great for browsing, viewing, and uploading/ downloading pictures on a variety of photo services. Nothing else comes close. Great job!

Great app

If you use Flickr, you should use this app, works much better than the Flickr app.

New Bug!

After the latest update, every time I open Flickrstackr, i have to visit my Photos and delete HUNDREDS of photos I never downloaded. The app seems to be downloading photos at random. Im now afraid to even open the app because of the immense work involved in cleaning up all the junk it leaves behind. The app still works fine, but this one bug makes using the app impracticle.

Multiple Upload Hangs Bad

When I try to upload multiple photos, it uploads one to three and then just stops. The actual Flickr app works a lot better for me. (iPhone 5s iOS 8.1.1)

Unreliable for background uploads

I really wanted to like this app, but even after multiple updates attempting to correct the issue, background photo upload is still very unreliable. Some photos arent uploaded at all and some are stuck in the upload queue after theyve already been uploaded. If you only want to view photos, this is a 5 star app. But for auto backup of your photos look elsewhere.

Paying for batch downloading is BS

Its such crap I had to pay for an app just to batch download off my Flickr. Such a freaking of waste of money. Im so not happy. I chose this one for being least expensive. Im so angry its not even funny.

Update is broken

This use to better than the official flickr app & in some ways it still is, but it will no longer connect to Tumblr & thats one reason I liked it best. So disappointed.

Best Flickr app

This is by far the best Flickr app out there. I use it for accessing my 16,000 photos on Flickr and it caption, tag and geo-searching capabilities are great. However, I have taken one star away because of no Chromecast support. This feature would make the app perfect.

Best Flickr app I know of!

Great looking app that is easy to navigate. Functions perfectly. And these folks listen to input.